East Imperial Coffee and Tonic 180mL Cans 4 packs

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Coffee & Tonic is refreshment redefined, a truly unique and sophisticated awakening of the senses. Enjoy our specially created cold-brewed blend that includes sustainably sourced Sumatran coffee - expertly mixed with zesty, enlivening Grapefruit Tonic. The final addition of nitro creates unparalleled creaminess with a velvet-like texture.

And the taste? A perfectly balanced combination of roasted coffee bitterness and succulent citrus – creating unequalled refreshment for any occasion.

Heighten the moment and let possibility unfold with every delicious sip.

East Imperial Coffee & Tonic bursts with toasted and vibrant floral aromas, rolling into a luxurious velvet-like texture that develops into fresh and bright citrus-driven magic. The finish is refined with balanced spice and the perfect combination of bitterness and natural citrus oils, this is all brought into play by the clever use of nitrogen.