Jk.14 Su Alto Indigeno Colfondo Frizzante Pet-Nat 2018 750mL

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Su Alto is a sparkling Glera-based wine that is re-fermented in the bottle on native yeasts and aged for at least 4 months at 2000 metres altitude at the foot of Mount Civetta, in the heart of the Dolomites. Antica Quercia (Ancient Oak) is an old tree nestled among unique hills which are perfect for the Glera vines, on the axis that connects the high peaks of the Dolomites to Venice. The family behind these vineyards dedicate their life making wine that respects the rhythms and the rules of nature. Their aim is to harmonise every choice they make, without forcing nature, as if everything was a continuous flow of energy, from the grape to the bottle. Sugar content: 0 g/l, free sulphites 0 g/l. PRODUCED BY: L'Antica Quercia

Straw yellow in colour, can be slightly hazy due to the presence of suspended yeasts. The nose is very delicate, with floral and fruity hints of citrus fruit and dried apricots. On the palate, the bubbles are gentle and delicate, the fine fruity notes come through again, the finish is tangy and dry.