Patria Chica Vino De Pago 2020 750mL

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Tempranillo 60%, Garnacha 26% Merlot 12%, Cab. Sauv 2%

Patria Chica is a symbol of this rural territory, whose maximum value translates into this Vino de Pago, a tribute to agricultural traditions and the value of tradition made money. The estate Finca Aylés is located in northeastern Spain, near the city of Zaragoza (Aragón). With deep roots linked to the history of the province, the initiative led by the Ramón Reula family since the 80s, when they reunified diverse minor estates that had been separated from the original Finca Aylés since the Middle Ages. Due to its exceptional terroir, Pago Aylés is the only Estate recognized as Vino de Pago in Aragon region.