Amrut Spectrum 004 Single Malt Whisky 700mL

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A limited edition release from Amrut (the second in their Spectrum series), this Indian single malt whisky makes use of a very interesting cask. It begins its maturation in bourbon barrels, before being finished in cask made with four types of oak - Oloroso Sherry oak staves, Pedro Ximenéz Sherry oak staves, new French oak and new American oak.

Tasting Spectrum 004 is jammy and syrupy affair, and you’ll experience a cloud of mild spice dust that is quite lovely. The dust is enveloped by vanilla pudding and a creamy texture and there are juicy sultanas with an aromatic mask joined by the mildest hint of phenol and a perfect degree of wood tone. To finish, the whisky is brilliantly refreshing with a minty shade, ending with a sweet tone.

700mL | 50%ABV