Cavalier Green Ginger Wine 750mL

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Cavalier Green Ginger Wine is a classic green ginger wine, produced by Josh Scott (of Allan Scott Family Winemakers fame) using premium Marlborough grapes co-fermented with natural stem ginger. Vegan-friendly.

It is fabulously aromatic on the nose with gorgeous ginger notes together with nuances of dark spice and potpourri. The palate delivers excellent depth and intensity with a delightfully spicy kick and punchy flavours, finishing long and fragrant. Wonderfully expressive and superbly balanced.

Golden and shiny appearance lead to intense aromas of ginger root, ginger spice and a gingernut. There’s a moment of peach and apricot and old roses before the spice engages again. The palate mirrors the use exactly with gusto and intensity. Firm, creamy, moderate to low acidity, intensely flavoured and lengthy. Perfect for a nightcap, in cocktails, maybe food or just over ice.