Dr. Loosen Kinheimer Rosenberg Riesling Dry GG 2019 750mL

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The Kinheimer Rosenberg surrounds the village of Kinheim. Its southfacing exposition and the proximity to the Mosel offer a perfect microclimate, which is resembled by the wine's balance and complexity. 

Grosses Gewächs (German equivalent "Great Growth") The GG wines represent the great potential of dry Mosel Rieslings from Grosse Lage (Grand Cru) vineyards. All of spontaneously-fermented Grosses Gewächs wines are given a twelvemonth maturing period on the lees in old oak barrels (3000l and 1000l) before bottling. This ensures that the wine has an extra dose of elegance and structure for a long life.

Red Slate
The Mosel Valley’s Iron-rich red slate is less common than the more prolific blue slate found throughout Germany’s Middle Mosel. Red slate is found mostly in the villages of Erden, Ürzig and Kinheim.acidity of Riesling. In addition to the heat retaining blue slate soil, the vineyards are characterized by incredibly steep slopes, a favorable position near the river and excellent drainage