Mondot By Troplong Mondot Saint-Emilion Grand Cru AOC 2016 750ml

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The fragrance of a juicy and flavoursome freshly picked fruit. The colour of a summer sky at sunset. The fiery energy of Argentinian tango. 

Mondot, a striking introduction to Troplong Mondot’s style. Settled upon its hilltop, the Château discretely dominates an unusual ‘terroir’, quite unlike any other.

On the one side, soft wave-like sweeping hills. On the other, the valley and the village of Saint-Emilion, stretching out under our feet.  And all around, vines, bushes, hedges, lanes and low stone walls.

Without an exact equivalence in other languages, the expression corresponds to a feeling of harmony and attachment that only few places provoke: the distinctive atmosphere and the state of mind that emanates from a particular place, leaving, both on a personal and universal note, an indefinable impression.