Sartori Prosecco Rose Brut DOC 2019 750mL

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Sartori is one of the best wineries in the Veneto in north east Italy, the home to prosecco and Amarone - two polar opposites ends of the wine spectrum; one accessible and everyday while the other is rare and pricey. This is vintage 2019 pink Prosecco from Sartori is a new fave here in store at Regional. It's all about dry flavours of red berries and a crisp apply aroma, layered with notes of white peach and pear along with a refreshingly long finish. Pink Prosecco is a new category which we think Satori has nailed ahead of many competitors. It has to be made from one year, hence it includes the vintage year on the label. The colour comes from Pinot Nero; that's Pinot Noir, to us, which typically makes up 10% of the wine.

This pink bubbles delivers very good value for money for a lighter bodied style of sparkling wine made in a fresh and super tasty style.